DoNanza Another Choice For Freelance Writing Jobs?

by Amanda J Evans on May 22, 2013

I received a review about a new marketplace for freelance writers in my inbox last week and decided to check it out. The review sounded very promising and stated that DoNanza was a marketplace that connected writers with clients. The sign up process was very easy and your profile can be taken from a choice of your social networking accounts. I chose LinkedIn which was very straight forward and then I added links to my other social networking accounts. This only too a couple of minutes to complete. There is a section for uploading a resume and adding samples too if you wish. I left this section blank for the moment as I wanted to see exactly what this website had to offer.

DoNanza Freelance Writing Jobs

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The Web Content Writer’s Bible – Book Review

by Amanda J Evans on May 10, 2013

I always love reading new releases that relate to freelance writing so when I was asked to review The Web Content Writer’s Bible, I was very excited. The name suggests that this book is going to be something that freelance writers will refer to often and I was expecting a lot.

I received the kindle version of this book and began reading. It took a couple of hours for me to get through the book, and I have to admit, there were parts that I did just skim through. Overall, I was impressed with the layout and the structure of the book. It was easy to understand and seemed to cover everything. It gives a basic overview of writing web content and the different ways that freelance writers can do this. The book doesn’t go into great detail on some aspects and some sections could have a lot more content added to them. This however, would probably have made the book too cumbersome.

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Freelance Writing Jobs – Where Do You Get Yours?

by Amanda J Evans on April 29, 2013

As freelance writers, the one thing that really matters is the clients we secure. There has been so much written about freelance writing jobs in the past number of years and I really don’t want to rehash all of this. My focus on this blog post is that no matter where you get your work or clients from, they have to be right for you.

freelance writing jobs

You have probably read over and over again about low paying jobs, how to get high paying jobs and how much you should be charging. I am here to cause a little bit of controversy today by saying that no freelance writing job is wrong.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s look at it. You write an article for a client, they agree to pay what you ask for or you agree to a rate they have suggested. You with me so far? Okay, now let’s say someone else writes an article that is the same length and perhaps for the same client but charges three times more than you did, the client agrees and the work is completed.

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Freelance Writing – 5 Mistakes To Avoid

by Amanda J Evans on April 22, 2013

When we begin our freelance writing career there is always an air of excitement and optimism. We are full of the joys having discovered that we can actually get paid for doing what we love. Yes, this is the way we all start and the key to success if keeping it this way. In this article I want to look at seven mistakes that all new freelance writers should do their best to avoid.




Mistake #1: No Marketing Knowledge:

When you decide to become a freelance writer, your goal is to get and keep clients. If you know how to successfully market your services this is something that will happen. Many freelancers find themselves giving up too easily because they can’t find clients. Knowing how to market yourself will bring clients to you. You won’t have to go looking. The key here is to brush up on your marketing skills and spend some time every day promoting your freelance writing work.

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Why Every Freelance Writer Needs A Blog

by Amanda J Evans on January 21, 2013

Freelance Writing BlogIn today’s freelance writing world, marketing is important and we all have to be pro-active in our marketing initiative. Our marketing is what will get us noticed and with this comes the clients that we want to work with. A crucial part of any writer’s marketing plan should be a blog. A blog is where writers showcase their talents and this is also where potential clients will get a feel for their writing voice and style.

If you are one of the many freelance writers who are happy to work for content mills or bid on writing jobs then this post probably doesn’t apply to you. This post is directed at those writers who want to get paid their rates and secure high paying clients.

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How To Take Your Freelance Writing To The Next Level

by Amanda J Evans on January 17, 2013

graduationFreelancing is no different to any other career. In order to succeed we have to improve our skills and sometimes take part in some training. This year I am attending college and studying freelance journalism. My reason for this is to improve my skills and career prospects.

Each year I like to do an inventory of the work I have completed the year before. This can be quite a good learning exercise. I like to read back over some of the work from the start of the year to see where I have improved and where I might improve further. Grammar is not my speciality but it is an area that I have been improving. I try to read as much information as I can and then make my own notes and files. I find that this helps me to retain the information.

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Setting Your Freelance Writing Goals For 2013

by Amanda J Evans on January 9, 2013

GoalsIt’s the start of a new year and for many freelance writers, this is a time for re-assessing their career goals. I usually spend the first week of any new year looking back over the previous 12 months. My reason for this is so that I can see what I have achieved and where I need to place some extra focus. This helps me to come up with a clear list of goals for the coming year.

If you haven’t already done this, I would suggest trying it as it is a very useful exercise.

One of my goals for 2012 was to reduce the amount of time spent on client work without impacting on the lifestyle I was accustomed to. My reasons or this was my two young children and the growing urge to spend more time writing for me. I am happy to say that I managed this successfully. I cut down my work hours, maintained my level of income and managed to publish not one but two books both of which are available in ebook and paperback format. 2012 was therefore, in my eyes, a very successful year.

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A Little Piece Of Advice For New Freelance Writers

by Amanda J Evans on October 16, 2012

It has been just over two years since my last update on this blog and I do apologise for all the regular readers for this.  I have been busy concentrating on client and personal projects which has left very little time to work on this blog.  I have however been keeping up to date with the goings on in the freelance world and my post today is a little piece of advice for new freelance writers.

Things have really changed for new freelance writers.  When I began my freelancing career in 2004, things were a lot different.  Finding writing jobs was easier as was getting decent pay rates.  When I started writing content online, 300 word articles were common and getting $10 for each one was a standard rate even for a novice.  Blogs hadn’t been invented and keywords were something that people paid little or no attention to.  Fast foward eight years and things are very different for those looking to begin their freelance writing career.  300 word articles at $10 a piece is something that you won’t see.  In fact, you will probably see something like a 500 word article being offered at a rate of $0.25 to $0.50 per piece.  I personally feel that online writing has become a joke and the so called writers who are accepting these rates are destroying things.

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Ghostwriting – Grammar Tuesday’s 12th October 2010

by Amanda J Evans on October 12, 2010

Continuing with our special Tuesdays here on Ghostwriting Uncovered, I have another excellent article for you today. I hope you find it useful and packed full of great information.  Remember don’t forget to leave your comments.

Learn About ESL English Grammar
By []Kirk Able

If you are not a native English speaker, ESL English grammar might be the right choice for you. The same goes for people whose first language is not English.

There are some non-native English speakers who are very much proficient in both written and spoken English. Hence, ESL English grammar suits anyone who wants to improve on their grammar and speaking abilities. For those who are in the dark about ESL, it actually stands for English as a Second Language or simply ESL as an abbreviation.

In the United States of America, the education law makes it compulsory for schools to give ESL instruction for non-native English speakers. Special ESL programs have been established for young children at early childhood and elementary for this very purpose. There are also special programs for adults.

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Ghostwriting – Getting The Balance Right

by Amanda J Evans on October 6, 2010

As a ghostwriter and a stay at home mom I know just how important it is to get the balance right.  I have been doing this now since 2004 and I have probably made all the mistakes that you can make.  My husband once accused me of having an addiction to my laptop and I guess in a way he was right.  It was this that really opened my eyes and made me look at the way I was working.

When you first start working from home and you actually start making money it is just too easy to become addicted.  You spend every spare moment of your time working, checking emails, looking for new clients and basically neglecting your family.  I know I did.  My excuse would be that the kids were in bed or that my husband was playing with them.  My laptop was turned on from the moment I woke right up until I went to bed.  I was constantly sneaking a quick peek at emails and I didn’t even realize the damage I was doing to my family.

In 2007 when things were going really well for me I got a wakeup call.  My husband had enough and he was ready to pack his bags and leave.  He said I loved my laptop more than I loved him.  I couldn’t believe it, had things really gotten this bad?  Was I that addicted?  I was spending all my time online and my home life was suffering.  My children weren’t suffering, I was spending time with them but once my husband arrived home from work in the evenings I just let him take over.  I forgot about how important our relationship was.

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