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July 2007

Why Are Keyword Articles So Important

by Amanda J Evans on July 13, 2007

In my last post I discussed how to write keyword articles so in this article I want move on from this and explain why keyword articles are so important.

As you know, keyword articles are the most common ghostwriting job that you will get and there is a reason for this. Clients actually need keyword articles. Keyword articles are used in SEO (search engine optimization) and clients need them in order to rank highly in search engines.

When people search for something on Google or any other search engine the results that they get are based on these keywords and the websites that rank highly usually contain content that relates to your particular keyword.

When search engines are ranking website pages the first thing that they look at is the title meta tag of the page. This is where the primary keyword should be placed so that is the first step for clients when they are optimizing their websites. The next thing is the content and again this is where keywords come into play. The primary keyword is again used in the title of the content on the page and once again in the first paragraph. Most website owners will put this keyword in bold or italics to highlight it better.

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Keyword Articles – What’s All The Fuss About?

by Amanda J Evans on July 12, 2007

Keyword articles are by far the most common ghostwriting job that you will receive so why is it that many people are confused by them?

Keyword articles are articles that are created around a series of words (keywords) given to you by your client. The majority of these articles follow a strict set of guidelines that include primary keywords, secondary keywords, keyword variations, and random keywords. When writing these articles you will be required to use the primary keyword once in the title and once in the first paragraph and that is it. This keyword should not appear anywhere else in the article.

If your article contains secondary keywords again these are only used twice throughout the article and should appear in a sub heading and once throughout the article.

Random keywords are words that can appear anywhere in the article but should appear naturally.

If the keyword article you are working on contains keyword variations these are what the density of your article is based on. If you are writing a 300 word article and the keyword denisty required is 3% then your keyword variations should appear 9 times throughout your article.

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