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August 2007

Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

by Amanda J Evans on August 22, 2007

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a lot of posts showing up on writer’s blogs relating to ghostwriting ethics.  The question being asked, “Is ghostwriting ethical?”  I have been intrigued by the responses that I read and thought I would put the question to you my readers.

Do you think that ghostwriting is ethical?

I read numerous comments from people who felt that ghostwriting was unethical and that webmasters and particularly blog owners that use ghostwriters are lying to their readers.  These people felt very strongly about having ghostwriters write blog posts.  The main reason being that blogs are more personal and they felt cheated when they discovered that the blog was ghostwritten.

I think it is a fair comment but being a ghostwriter myself it is only right that I have my say.  I have personally ghostwritten on a number of blogs and I don’t feel like my clients were cheating their readers.  In fact everything that I would have written would have been under the direction of the client.

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Another Great Way To Write And Get Paid

by Amanda J Evans on August 15, 2007

This is something that I am sure is going to interest a wide range of people out there. Have you heard about social bookmarking websites? Do you use facebook, myspace, or youtube? If so then get ready for the next big thing.

As you can see from the image above this new website which is still in beta stage is called Yuwie and it is set to be one of the most exciting websites so far this year.

So what makes Yuwie different?

With Yuwie, you get paid to use their website, every time someone views your profile you get paid, every time you use your control panel you get paid, every time you write in your blog you get paid, and so on. What better way to earn some extra cash just by socializing.

If you are a ghostwriter like me just think of the exposure you can create for yourself. You can promote your services, meet new clients, and get paid for doing it.

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How to Become A Ghost Writer – Manual Now On Sale

by Amanda J Evans on August 12, 2007

Like everyone else online I like to keep up to date with everything that is going on. Recently there has been a huge surge in sales and giveaways and yes I have signed up for numerous lists just to get the free gifts. I guess am I still gullible after all. I have to say though that some of the giveaways had some really good gifts and I managed to secure some very valuable copywriting courses and freelance writing e-books.

All this got me thinking and with sales cropping up in all the stores nationwide I decided that it was time to give my readers and subscribers a sale of their own. From now until the 1st September anyone who visits the Ghostwriting Uncovered Manual page can get their hands on this step by step book for just $9.99. That’s a discount of over 50%.

I have had a lot of people ask me why I can sell my ghostwriting e-book for so little and to be honest my answer is why not. I don’t rely on the sale of my e-book for an income so why should I overcharge people? I have seen the manuals that are selling for $67 and more. I even bought one of them and to be quite honest I was appalled. Most of the information in this e-book contradicted a lot of the information I had learned first hand and the other stuff was readily available on any writing website. I fully understand now why people are skeptical about purchasing how to e-books.

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Do You Ghost Write Adult Content?

by Amanda J Evans on August 10, 2007

As a ghostwriter I have been known to write adult content for a number of clients and I have to admit that it is something I enjoy doing.  It’s quite different to keyword articles on contact lenses, or coffee, and at times it can be quite refreshing.  I do believe however that you need to have an open mind and not take it too seriously.  Writing adult content for me is just like any other ghostwriting job that I do; a paying job.

I get the updated list of ghostwriting jobs from Elance everyday and today there was a job for adult content writing on the subject of penis enlargement.  When I saw it I immediately logged into my account to read further.  I spent almost 4 months writing about this topic and this to me was what I call a fast cash ghostwriting job.  These are the jobs that can be completed very quickly and need very little or no research.  I love these jobs, who doesn’t, and I try to pull in at least one each month.  It helps to increase my monthly income total.

Now being experienced with Elance I know that this job posting will be removed in the next day or two because Elance don’t allow adult content jobs.  So I sent a PM to the potential client expressing my interest in his job.

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I subscribe to Freelance Daily which is a great e-mail that I receive everyday. What I get is a listing of all the best freelance writing jobs available on Craigslist and other websites. These are not bidding jobs and therefore you would assume that they would be high paying. I’m sure most of them are.

A couple of days ago I came across an interesting job: website content needed for jewelry site. It caught my attention as I do a lot of website content writing and jewelry sounded fun. So anyway I send off an e-mail offering my services. I got a fairly quick reply and a link to the website. The website I have to say was very badly put together and was, I assume going to be a portal that sells sterling silver jewelry. The pictures of sterling silver rings were under sterling silver necklaces, the necklaces were under sterling silver earrings, etc. You get the general idea.

The owner said that he was looking to have 25 pages of content written using specific keywords – no problem. I said that I could do the pages 300 words each for $5 each. This is a fairly standard price for articles of this length completed in .doc format. He agreed but then when I wrote the article said he would prefer a minimum of 500 words. Again not a problem I added content to the article and re-submitted.

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