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August 2008

Friday’s Top 3 Blog Posts

by Amanda J Evans on August 22, 2008

Yes it’s Friday again and time to tell you about my favourite blog posts this weeks.

First off we have the Freelance Parent who this week celebrated their one year anniversary and including a really valuable and honest post about their year as freelancers and how successful they have been. Their post included a break down of the work plan that they created initially and also how well they have done in achieving all their goals. This post is definitely worth a read and the ones that follow this one too. Here the link for their post:

Creating and reviewing our annual freelancing goals

The next post I want to talk about is from the Freelance Writing Gigs blog.  It is a great post about sharing information and you will find a lot of valuable stuff in this one post.  I know I now have some excellent resources because of it.  Let me know what you think.

FWJ Community Project:  Share Your Favorite Resources

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Elance Is Still Doing It For Me

by Amanda J Evans on August 20, 2008

As many of you know I took a break from my writing over the past year to raise my youngest child.  He has now turned 2 and I am happy to say that I can now begin writing again. 

This week I began my search for work and I am happy to say that Elance even though they have made some huge changes are still coming out on top.  I placed a bid for two jobs and have already been approved one and at the rates I choose.

I also looked through some of the postings on Get A Freelancer but I have to say I hate this website.  The bids are just ridulous and so are the offers.  There are projects posted where the clients are looking for people to write 500 word articles for $1 each.  What is it coming to when you are asked to work for nothing.  I have decided to avoid this website in future although I still receive emails daily about new projects.  The amount of projects that are being posted on this website is amazing and there is so much work, it’s just a pity that the bids are so low.  If writers refused to accept anything less than $2 per 100 words it would make things so much easier and the quality of jobs would be so much better too.

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Another Freelance Writing Scam

by Amanda J Evans on August 19, 2008

Well it’s Tuesday morning and first off I have discovered another freelance writing scam.  Below is an excerpt from the sales page which I think you should probably read first before I explain why I think this is a scam.

“As soon as you log-in to our exclusive, members-only area, you will get to choose from 1,000’s of article / writing job offers, neatly organized by the type of writing each company desires…
That’s 1000’s of companies ready and willing…right now…to pay you amazing well for the specific content writing tasks that they urgently need done for them.
And with dozens of new writing jobs being added each day, you will never run out of great, high-paying content jobs to sign up for, which means there’s…
No looking for jobs.      Never a shortage of jobs.
It’s a never-ending supply of high-paying, simple and easy writing jobs to YOU… 


As you can see, this website seems to be offering a jobs database so you don’t have to spend a large amount of time each day searching for freelance writing jobs. This is what caught my attention and there was no mention of bidding for jobs either which is an additional bonus.

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This Weeks Top 3 Writing Blog Posts

by Amanda J Evans on August 15, 2008

I have decided that each Friday I will post the top 3 writing blog posts of the week.  This week I have some very interesting posts for you to read.  Each one contains some valuable information and is well worth the mention.

The first post is from Problogger and is titled:  Using Aiderss To Help Identify Hot Topics To cover On Your Blog.  This post contains a video that shows you how to use this great tool.  Definitely worth checking out if you have the time.

The second post is from Michelle Rafter’s Blog and is titled:  5 Reasons Why Freelancers Need To Take Vacations.  Again this is another very interesting post and having just come back from a very long vacaction I can definitely agree with what she says.

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Displaying Your Products For Sale

by Amanda J Evans on August 14, 2008

I have recently been promoting my first book “From Those Death Left Behind” and have been invited to showcase my book at a local trade show.  This is something totally new for me and I really didn’t have any idea of what to do.  I had just thought about using a small table to display my books on and hopefully just by being there attract some paying customers. 

After doing some research though, I came across a website who actually design and create trade show booths.  There website is very impressive and they do some really great displays.  They do every color imaginable and a wide range of displays.  The range includes table top displays, brochure holders, banner stands, eco displays, and so much more. 

I have decided to go with a custom made table runner to showcase my book and what’s great about this is that I can use it again and again (well hopefully anyway).  The table throw that I have ordered is all one piece and has a picture of my book cover on it.  I have to say it looks great and I am looking forward to using it.  The prices range from $60 to $215 but with the quality of the product I have to say they really are well worth it.

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What Are You Charging For Ghostwriting?

by Amanda J Evans on August 14, 2008

As you know, I have been taking a break from ghostwriting to raise my younger son who just turned 2.  I decided last week that it was time to start working again and I have come across something that has really shocked me.  I received an email from someone looking for me to ghostwrite an e-book.  This e-book was to be 10 pages and was on the topic of aromatherapy.  I replyed to the email and was totally shocked when I received an email back saying that my ghostwriting quote was too high and that this persons budget was only $15.  I still can’t believe it, $15 to ghostwrite an e-book.  What has the ghostwriting industry come to.

I only took a 6 month break and it looks like everything has gone down rapidly.  My rates for ghostwriting an e-book are between $8 and $10 per page and that to me seemed very reasonable especially when you think of the fact that there are ghostwriters who get paid well over $50,000 to ghostwrite a book. 

Has anyone else experienced this dramatic decrease?  I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.  Is it time to stop ghostwriting and just focus on writing for myself and selling the articles to magazines or was this just a once off?

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Ghostwriting Uncovered Manual Now Updated For 2008

by Amanda J Evans on August 12, 2008

As many of you already know my Ghostwriting Uncovered Manual was first launched in 2007 but since then there have been some changes and the manual needed to be updated.  After being on a writing break for the past six months I have finally managed to update the manual to include the changes to the membership fees and options that Elance introduced.  Anyone that has already purchased a copy of the Ghostwriting Uncovered Manual and who would like an updated version can email me and I will be happy to forward the download link.

Now that I am back in the writing saddle you can be sure to see regular posts appearing on my blog.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading what I have written so far.

Until next time, keep writing.