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May 2009

My New E-book Is Taking A Back Seat

by Amanda J Evans on May 21, 2009

I’m not sure whether I have mentioned it before or not but I am in the process of creating a new e-book which will be titled Additional Streams Of Income For Writers. I had hoped to be actually marketing the e-book at this stage but things just haven’t worked out that way. I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but why is it that when you plan some personal work client work always seems to come flooding in?

I am over half way with the e-book and have secured some really great interviews with some of the top freelancers and I was so excited to be getting this e-book out there. My initial plan was to have it released at the start of May but guess what? My clients decided otherwise. For the past month and a half I have been inundated with projects and whilst I’m not complaining it just means that my e-book has had to take a back seat.

I am now setting a new launch date of the start of July because I am away for most of the month of June (I’m getting married). I will keep everyone updated on my progress and if anyone has some tips on juggling clients work and your own personal stuff I would love to hear them.

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You may remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be reviewing GetAFreelancer to see what type of service and projects they offered freelance writers.

Well I’ve reviewed the website over a period of one week and now I am ready to give you my honest opinion on whether or not you should look for freelance writing jobs there.

First off let me just say that registering wth GetAFreelancer is free so this is a bonus but probably about the only one as you will see.

Get A Freelancer Reviewed:

Day 1: Sunday 26th April 2009

  • Placed bid for weight loss article project – budget $20 to $50

Project to create a 500 word piece using information supplied by client.
Bid placed $20
Other bids – 1 at time of placement
Received PMB from client stating:
as part of the project you will have to do a keyword reaserch (this is the reason for the high payout)
can you with the right keywords get this article to the google top 10?
Project awarded 2 hours after initial bid for the amount of $30 instead of $20 and escrow was funded immediately. Project was completed Monday morning and payment was received within 20 minutes. [click to continue…]


Choosing Freelance Writing Jobs On Elance

by Amanda J Evans on May 12, 2009

Choosing a freelance writing job to bid on with Elance isn’t as simple as just logging on and placing a bid and there are a number of things that you should take into consideration before you do this. There are some tricks and tips that can help you make the most of your bids (connects as they are called on Elance) and not waste them.

Connects are explained in the previous post

When you log into your Elance account and go to the Writing and Translation category to find jobs there are a few things that you should do. I always choose the show all category so that I can see a list of all the jobs that are available. Here’s a screen shot of what you should see:

elance Freelande Writing Jobs

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Elance is making changes again and this time for the better. The introduction of statistics is set to replacing the current ratings system and will aim to award those better performing freelancers. So what are these statistics all about?

These statistics are a new way to display freelancers activities and they will show how freelancers are doing compared to other providers.  These statistics will work on a points bases that will be calculated on your work and activity on Elance.  You accumulate points by:

Service Delivery
Service Delivery points will increase when you receive high ratings for your work and you use the Elance Work System (e.g. workrooms and status reports, payment, and feedback). Points are deducted for policy violations and cancellations due to poor performance.

Client Relationships:
Client Relationship points increase when you receive positive client recommendations, retain clients and grow earnings per client on Elance.

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Elance Fees And Connects Explained

by Amanda J Evans on May 4, 2009

Continuing with my Elance series, today I want to focus on Elance membership fees and explain exactly what connects are.

Elance Membership Fees

Membership fees with Elance vary depending on the subscription you choose.

  • Free Subscription = 3 connects per month, you cannot purchase more connects
  • Individual subscription = $9.95 per month and 20 connects. You can purchase more connects
  • Small Business subscription = $19.95 per month with 40 connects. You can add 5 people to this membership and you can purchase additional connects.
  • Large Business subscriptiion = $39.95 per month with 60 connects. You can add unlimited people to this membership and purchase additional connects.

My Elance subscription is the Individual subscription so I pay $9.95 each month and I receive 20 connects.

What Are Connects?

This is something that confuses quite a lot of people. It would be easy to just say that connects are bids but it’s not that simple. Whilst connects are what you use to bid, each connect does not equate to one bid. The number of connects you need to bid on a project will depend on the project budget. If a project is under $500 you will use up one connect to bid on this project. $500 – $1,000 uses 2 connects, and so forth. This goes up to 4 connects to bid on a project. There are also what are known as featured projects and to bid on these projects you will use double the amount of connects. If the project is for $500 you will need 2 connects to bid on it if it is a featured project.

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