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July 2009

Freelance Writer or Make A Quick Buck Writer?

by Amanda J Evans on July 30, 2009

This post was inspired by a comment from George Angus who you probably know is the owner over at  So George, this one is for you.

The internet has given rise to more and more freelance writing opportunities and the purpose of this post is to help you decide whether you really are a freelance writer or just one of those writers out to make a quick buck.  There are a number of questions that I want you to ask yourself and after that I will explain the answers.  Here goes:

1.      Are you passionate about writing?

2.      Are you constantly conjuring up ideas for new stories and articles?

3.      Do you see yourself still writing in 10, 20, even 50 (maybe a little excessive but you get the idea) years time?

4.      Do you spend most of your waking day thinking about writing?

5.      Can you imagine your life without writing?

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Freelance Writing – Are You Wasting Your Time?

by Amanda J Evans on July 27, 2009

We are all probably guilty of wasting some of our freelance writing time each day and this really isn’t good for your career.  How much time do you think you waste each day?  When you sit down to start your freelance work what is the first thing you do?

Many of us check our emails first thing and this can be a big mistake.  You could have 100 emails sitting in your inbox and no matter how quickly you go through them you are still going to waste at least 10 minutes or more of your time.  The best advise is to set a specific time for checking and replying to emails.  If you put aside 30 minutes in the morning to go through emails that should be it.  Don’t leave your email window open on your computer as it only serves as a distraction.  Everytime that little “you’ve got mail” popup appears you will be tempted to go and check what it is.  If you are in the middle of typing an article this could be detremental because when you come back to your article you have to get back into it all over again.  Your train of thought will be lost.

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Additional Streams of Income for Writers is Live

by Amanda J Evans on July 24, 2009

I am delighed to announce that my latest e-book “Additional Streams of Income for Writers” is now live.  It took a lot of hard work and effort to get this book out in pre-launch yesterday and yes pre-launch means a special offer price.  The official launch date is the 1st August 2009 but because I am waiting on some more testimonials I decided to do a pre-launch yesterday.  The e-book is priced at $12 pre-launch price and it really is thanks to the methods outlined in this e-book that I have been able to take time out to complete it.

Additional Streams of Income for Writers

Additional Streams of Income for Writers

I have to admit I really enjoyed getting this book ready.  The writing was of course the easy part.  The front page graphic took me almost a day to complete but I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use photoshop.  One complaint I do have is that there are very few websites out there that really explain photoshop for complete beginners like me.  I did find an excellent e-book cover tutorial that I followed as best I could but in the end it was down to trial and error.  I am delighted with the final result though.

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Additional Streams Of Income For Freelance Writers

by Amanda J Evans on July 9, 2009

If you are new to freelancing, finding and maintaining a client list is probably your top priority but I wanted to let you in on another little secret today and that is additional streams of income for freelance writers.

Let’s say you have been freelancing for a couple of months, maybe even a year. Things are going great and you’ve built up a steady stream of income from your clients. You have two maybe three high paying clients that you work with each month and things couldn’t be better. Now here’s where this post takes a twist. I want you to imagine a different scenario for a moment. I want you to ask yourself this question.

What would I do if my top three clients stopped needing work?

Can you picture it? Can you see what this scenario would do to your income? Would you still be able to pay your mortgage? Would you still be able to live the life you are enjoying? What would really happen to you if these clients disappeared?

You see, while it’s a great thing to have a client list you need to realise that as a freelance writer your clients shouldn’t be your only source of income. You should have some additional streams of income too. My latest e-book which is due out at the end of July is titled “Additional Streams of Income for Freelance Writers” and in it I share with you four alternative sources of income that I have every month. These additional streams of income provide me with a minimum of $400 each month and could do the same for you.

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It’s July and for many work at home freelance writers this means school holidays and work schedule disruptions.  Many freelance writers have a set work schedule that revolves around their children’s school times.  I myself do and my work day is from 9.30am to 12.30pm.  These three hours allow me to focus solely on client work and get as much as I need to get done completed. This schedule works perfect for me and allows me to stay at home with my children instead of having to slog away in a 9 to 5 job and employing child care for my children.  But what happens when my children are on school holidays?

When July hits it means school holidays and a full 8 weeks or more of having the kids at home all day everyday.  If this is happening to you then this article on re-organising your freelance work schedule for the school holidays should help.

Re-organising Your Freelance Work Schedule For The School Holidays

The school holidays last for just over 8 weeks for many people and for stay at home freelance writers this can mean a big disruption to their daily work schedule.  For these eight weeks you need to set a new work schedule that will allow you to continue to get your work done whilst still being the best parent you can be.  There are a number of ways that you can make a new schedule work for you but some of the most common things that freelance writers do is as follows:

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Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

by Amanda J Evans on July 5, 2009

Let’s face it, if you work at home then job hunting is probably part of your daily chores. I try to avoid the bidding websites as much as possible and have therefore come to rely on a number of different websites to get my leads.

On thing that I do use is Twitter. I use tweetdeck and the search facility it provides. I just typed in freelance writing jobs and I get a list of 100 leads that are updated constantly. Many of the leads are form GAF or other bidding sites but I have come across some great prospects too. If you are already on Twitter then I recommend trying this. It can save a lot of time and hunting.

Another excellent resource that I want to give you is a post from August last year on the Freelance Writing Jobs Network. This is a list of 22 places to find freelance writing jobs and is a great reference point for anyone looking for some additional work.

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