10 of the Best English Grammar Websites

by Amanda J Evans on September 23, 2009

Grammar Tips

For this week’s grammar tips I want to share with you 10 of the best English Grammar websites out there.  These websites all refer to UK English grammar so they might not be 100% correct for US readers.  Grammar has such a broad spectrum of lessons that you can learn and these ten different websites are sure to have everything you could possibly need.  There are some really great grammar quizzes that you can take too.  Just goes to show that you don’t have to take a writing class from an online school to learn this stuff.  Grammar quizzes are a great way of assessing where you need to brush up your skills.  I hope you find these 10 websites as useful as I have.

Grammar Quiz – This website is packed full of great grammar stuff and once you have finished reading everything you can test your skills with their huge selection of grammar quizzes.

Grammar Book – Great post about commonly misused and confused english words.

Speak Speak – Another excellent website with a full overview of every aspect of grammar.

Grammar Rules – What can I say, it’s another full grammar rules website.

Chomp Chomp – More grammar.

Creative Teaching Site – Humourous Grammar Tips

Junk Studies – 11 Rules of writing

The Owl At Purdue – Online grammar courses

Proofread Now – Proofread now Grammar Tip Archive

White Smoke – English lessons portal

There is hours of reading in these websites so the best advice that I can offer you is to go to the first website and take a look at the grammar quizzes.  There are different quizzes for every aspect of grammar so just choose a category and take a look at the questions.  If you can’t answer the questions or you are unsure of the answer then you will know exaclty what aspect of grammar you need to brush up on.

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1 Nick Daws 09.30.09 at 10:25 am

Great list, Amanda. Surprised you say they all refer to UK English, though. Many of them are actually US-based. The OWL at Purdue certainly is (it’s in Indiana).

2 Amanda 09.30.09 at 11:20 am

Thanks Nick,

Yes you’re right I missed that one and a couple of the others too. I only really made that comment because there are some slight differences between US and UK grammar.


3 english grammar 06.28.10 at 12:37 pm

thanks a lot,i have found it very useful for me and im an english native.
and im still need that tool for online business…
so thanks again

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