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March 2010

Ghostwriting Services – How To Avoid Setbacks

by Amanda J Evans on March 12, 2010

I have another great guest article today for everyone.  I’m sure you are going to find this really useful and packed with great ghostwriting tips.  I won’t say to much I will leave that to Mary Anne.

The Case of the Disappearing Client

© 2010 by Mary Anne Hahn

Recently, I landed a ghost editing assignment for which I felt especially suited, one that held the sweet promise of ongoing work.  The client worked for a professional organization in a field where I possess a tremendous amount of experience.  She needed someone to edit articles that she received from contributors for the association’s newsletter that, while technically correct and filled with information her members needed, needed serious revamping.

Someone who was familiar with my work and her need introduced us via e-mail.  The client filled me in on her need, I quoted my price ranges depending on the amount of editing needed, and she accepted.  She sent the first two articles.  I rolled up my sleeves, went to work, and sent them back to her within the specified time frame.  At her request, I invoiced her using PayPal.  I sat back and waited for payment, and more assignments, to roll in.

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What Is Ghostwriting?

by Amanda J Evans on March 8, 2010

A question that I often get asked is, “what is ghostwriting?” You really would be surprised at the amount of people who actually think that I spend my days writing about ghosts.

According to the dictionary, a ghost writer is:


a person who writes one or numerous speeches, books, articles, etc., for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.

Most people assume that ghost writers only write novels and biographies for celebrities but this is not the case.  The ghostwriting industry has really developed and this is partly due to the internet.  Ghost writers today do a lot more than write novels although I must admit; this is still where the big money is to be made.

There are often times when ghostwriting and freelance writing overlap.  This is especially true when it comes to writing for the internet.  In fact most of the freelance writing jobs that are advertised are in fact ghostwriting jobs.  Your clients want you to write articles, website content, sales pages, ebooks or more and they want you to hand over the copyright for this on receipt of payment.  You are not getting any credit for this work and therefore it really should be classified as ghostwriting.

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