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January 2013

Why Every Freelance Writer Needs A Blog

by Amanda J Evans on January 21, 2013

Freelance Writing BlogIn today’s freelance writing world, marketing is important and we all have to be pro-active in our marketing initiative. Our marketing is what will get us noticed and with this comes the clients that we want to work with. A crucial part of any writer’s marketing plan should be a blog. A blog is where writers showcase their talents and this is also where potential clients will get a feel for their writing voice and style.

If you are one of the many freelance writers who are happy to work for content mills or bid on writing jobs then this post probably doesn’t apply to you. This post is directed at those writers who want to get paid their rates and secure high paying clients.

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How To Take Your Freelance Writing To The Next Level

by Amanda J Evans on January 17, 2013

graduationFreelancing is no different to any other career. In order to succeed we have to improve our skills and sometimes take part in some training. This year I am attending college and studying freelance journalism. My reason for this is to improve my skills and career prospects.

Each year I like to do an inventory of the work I have completed the year before. This can be quite a good learning exercise. I like to read back over some of the work from the start of the year to see where I have improved and where I might improve further. Grammar is not my speciality but it is an area that I have been improving. I try to read as much information as I can and then make my own notes and files. I find that this helps me to retain the information.

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Setting Your Freelance Writing Goals For 2013

by Amanda J Evans on January 9, 2013

GoalsIt’s the start of a new year and for many freelance writers, this is a time for re-assessing their career goals. I usually spend the first week of any new year looking back over the previous 12 months. My reason for this is so that I can see what I have achieved and where I need to place some extra focus. This helps me to come up with a clear list of goals for the coming year.

If you haven’t already done this, I would suggest trying it as it is a very useful exercise.

One of my goals for 2012 was to reduce the amount of time spent on client work without impacting on the lifestyle I was accustomed to. My reasons or this was my two young children and the growing urge to spend more time writing for me. I am happy to say that I managed this successfully. I cut down my work hours, maintained my level of income and managed to publish not one but two books both of which are available in ebook and paperback format. 2012 was therefore, in my eyes, a very successful year.

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