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April 2013

Freelance Writing Jobs – Where Do You Get Yours?

by Amanda J Evans on April 29, 2013

As freelance writers, the one thing that really matters is the clients we secure. There has been so much written about freelance writing jobs in the past number of years and I really don’t want to rehash all of this. My focus on this blog post is that no matter where you get your work or clients from, they have to be right for you.

freelance writing jobs

You have probably read over and over again about low paying jobs, how to get high paying jobs and how much you should be charging. I am here to cause a little bit of controversy today by saying that no freelance writing job is wrong.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s look at it. You write an article for a client, they agree to pay what you ask for or you agree to a rate they have suggested. You with me so far? Okay, now let’s say someone else writes an article that is the same length and perhaps for the same client but charges three times more than you did, the client agrees and the work is completed.

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Freelance Writing – 5 Mistakes To Avoid

by Amanda J Evans on April 22, 2013

When we begin our freelance writing career there is always an air of excitement and optimism. We are full of the joys having discovered that we can actually get paid for doing what we love. Yes, this is the way we all start and the key to success if keeping it this way. In this article I want to look at seven mistakes that all new freelance writers should do their best to avoid.




Mistake #1: No Marketing Knowledge:

When you decide to become a freelance writer, your goal is to get and keep clients. If you know how to successfully market your services this is something that will happen. Many freelancers find themselves giving up too easily because they can’t find clients. Knowing how to market yourself will bring clients to you. You won’t have to go looking. The key here is to brush up on your marketing skills and spend some time every day promoting your freelance writing work.

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