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Why Every Freelance Writer Needs A Blog

by Amanda J Evans on January 21, 2013

Freelance Writing BlogIn today’s freelance writing world, marketing is important and we all have to be pro-active in our marketing initiative. Our marketing is what will get us noticed and with this comes the clients that we want to work with. A crucial part of any writer’s marketing plan should be a blog. A blog is where writers showcase their talents and this is also where potential clients will get a feel for their writing voice and style.

If you are one of the many freelance writers who are happy to work for content mills or bid on writing jobs then this post probably doesn’t apply to you. This post is directed at those writers who want to get paid their rates and secure high paying clients.

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How To Take Your Freelance Writing To The Next Level

by Amanda J Evans on January 17, 2013

graduationFreelancing is no different to any other career. In order to succeed we have to improve our skills and sometimes take part in some training. This year I am attending college and studying freelance journalism. My reason for this is to improve my skills and career prospects.

Each year I like to do an inventory of the work I have completed the year before. This can be quite a good learning exercise. I like to read back over some of the work from the start of the year to see where I have improved and where I might improve further. Grammar is not my speciality but it is an area that I have been improving. I try to read as much information as I can and then make my own notes and files. I find that this helps me to retain the information.

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A Little Piece Of Advice For New Freelance Writers

by Amanda J Evans on October 16, 2012

It has been just over two years since my last update on this blog and I do apologise for all the regular readers for this.  I have been busy concentrating on client and personal projects which has left very little time to work on this blog.  I have however been keeping up to date with the goings on in the freelance world and my post today is a little piece of advice for new freelance writers.

Things have really changed for new freelance writers.  When I began my freelancing career in 2004, things were a lot different.  Finding writing jobs was easier as was getting decent pay rates.  When I started writing content online, 300 word articles were common and getting $10 for each one was a standard rate even for a novice.  Blogs hadn’t been invented and keywords were something that people paid little or no attention to.  Fast foward eight years and things are very different for those looking to begin their freelance writing career.  300 word articles at $10 a piece is something that you won’t see.  In fact, you will probably see something like a 500 word article being offered at a rate of $0.25 to $0.50 per piece.  I personally feel that online writing has become a joke and the so called writers who are accepting these rates are destroying things.

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Ghostwriting – Getting The Balance Right

by Amanda J Evans on October 6, 2010

As a ghostwriter and a stay at home mom I know just how important it is to get the balance right.  I have been doing this now since 2004 and I have probably made all the mistakes that you can make.  My husband once accused me of having an addiction to my laptop and I guess in a way he was right.  It was this that really opened my eyes and made me look at the way I was working.

When you first start working from home and you actually start making money it is just too easy to become addicted.  You spend every spare moment of your time working, checking emails, looking for new clients and basically neglecting your family.  I know I did.  My excuse would be that the kids were in bed or that my husband was playing with them.  My laptop was turned on from the moment I woke right up until I went to bed.  I was constantly sneaking a quick peek at emails and I didn’t even realize the damage I was doing to my family.

In 2007 when things were going really well for me I got a wakeup call.  My husband had enough and he was ready to pack his bags and leave.  He said I loved my laptop more than I loved him.  I couldn’t believe it, had things really gotten this bad?  Was I that addicted?  I was spending all my time online and my home life was suffering.  My children weren’t suffering, I was spending time with them but once my husband arrived home from work in the evenings I just let him take over.  I forgot about how important our relationship was.

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Using Your Research Skills To Save Money On Accommodation

by Amanda J Evans on September 21, 2010

One of the things I love about being a freelance writer is the fact that I can work anywhere in the world. My husband and I are planning a trip to Australia for his 40th birthday next year and I am really looking forward to it.

He made enquiries with our local travel agent and the cost was absolutely ridiculous. Putting on my research cap I decided to look online and see how much money we could save. There are plenty of accommodation websites but one that seems to be particularly good is Go Accommodation.

One of the things that stood out for me is the simplicity of this website. You just click where you want to stay and everything is there on the page. I have to admit, I was really shocked at the difference in the prices on this website compared to what the travel agent had quoted. We were saving nearly 40% on the accommodation.  This website is so easy to navigate and the choice of accommodation is fantastic and you can choose from hotels, resorts and apartments.  As we are treating ourselves we will be booking into different hotels for the duration of our stay but even at that the price is amazing.  If you are on a budget you can choose cheap accommodation and if you are splashing out like we are there is luxury accommodation.

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Ghostwriting Jobs – Knowing When To Say No

by Amanda J Evans on September 7, 2010

It took me a while to get to the stage I am at now where I can look at ghostwriting jobs and know which ones to go for and which ones to avoid. There are a few warning signs that I look out for when I look at the different jobs online and today I want to share a few of these with you.

One of the first things that really strike the warning bells with me is when someone writes in the job description “this is a simple job for someone who knows what they are doing”.  If this is the case, why aren’t they doing the job themselves?  How do they know that the job is going to be easy?  This to me is a sure sign that someone is looking to have work done for virtually no payment. When I see this I just close my browser because I know this ghostwriting job is not worth it.

Another thing I hate is where someone lists a great job and you get really excited until you get to the end where they mention that unfortunately at the moment they can’t pay much and only have a low budget but that they will be providing a lot of work long term to the winning bidder.  You see this quite a lot on the bidding websites and quite frankly it is just another ploy to get people to work for nothing.  They people don’t have a huge workload for you to do; it is just a way to suck people in and getting them bidding low rates for the chance of long term work.  Again my friends avoid this type of job.

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Another Place To Showcase Your Work

by Amanda J Evans on September 3, 2010

The other day I found a great new website where writers can showcase their work.  I have to admit, that I don’t normally sign up with websites like this but this one caught my eye.  It’s called Broowaha, strange I know, and its tagline is “Your shared news and views”.  It actually looks really well too.  There are plenty of different categories that you can choose to write in and if you are looking to brand yourself in a particular niche this could be the way to go.

You can write about whatever you like which is something that really appealed to me.  I have three articles on this website now and in the space of three days they have received nearly 500 views.  Now that is great publicity wouldn’t you say? For a little bit more, here are the links to my articles:

Design Your Own Relationship
Ever Wondered Why You Can’t Lose Weight?
Canada To Make Cannabis Cars

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Would You Accept Less For Guaranteed Work?

by Amanda J Evans on August 26, 2010

Here’s a question for everyone today.  With the freelance writing rates declining fairly rapidly I want to ask you today, would you take less pay if you were guaranteed work.  As a freelancer I have to admit that bidding on jobs can be quite tiresome and with so many people not even awarding their jobs at the end of the bidding time, bids are being wasted especially on sites such as Elance.  I’m glad that I don’t rely on Elance to provide me with work as I also work for another freelance company too.  The pay is less than what I would charge on Elance but the work is guaranteed and I can take as much or a little as I like.

This company has a number of writers and when we log in to the admin system there is a large list of articles available.  What you do is choose the article you want to write.  The great thing is, that you can’t take another article until you have posted the one you have previously chosen.  You have 48 hours to submit your chosen article too.  What I love about this compared to other freelance companies that I have worked with is the fact that ever article is listed seperately so you never get bored doing keyword articles.

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What Choices Do You Have As A Ghostwriter

by Amanda J Evans on August 20, 2010

Today I want to talk about the different choices you have when it comes to ghostwriting and getting paid to write.  There are lots of discussions around the internet for each of the methods that I am going to list here so you can do research and find out what is best for you if you want.

If you are just starting out it is easy to get sidetracked with all the different types of ghostwriting jobs.  They can however be broken down into three simple choices.  These are:

  • Content Mills
  • Bidding websites
  • Private work

Content mills is where you write articles and content for different websites and you either get paid on a per article basis, you get a share of the revenue earned or you get a set amount per thousand page views.  There is a lot of bad press related to these content mills but I like to stay clear of this.  In my opinion these websites wouldn’t exist if people weren’t making money from them.

The website that I would be most familiar with in this category is Helium.  I have an account with them and I have no complaints.  Helium pay you per article and you also get money for page views too.  I have to admit, that I don’t use it very often but the articles that I do have on this website continue to earn me money every single day.  The more you promote these articles the more money you will make.  I know that one of my articles that I published on this website earlier this year has already made me over $200 so I guess that’s not bad for a 500 word article.  You have to have $25 in your account before you can request a payment and payment is via paypal.

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The Worst Freelance Writing Jobs

by Amanda J Evans on August 13, 2010

I have an account with (formerly Get A Freelancer) and I have to say it makes me laugh when I read the email notifications that arrive in my inbox every day.  These emails are to notify me of new freelance writing jobs and they probably arrive every 10 minutes.  Yes, there really is a lot of work available on this website but you would have to be desperate to even bid on any of them.

Here’s an example of a job that was posted today at 10am.


I need people who I can send articles to and they can send it back to me within two hours. If you cannot do this, please do not bid on this project. Accordingly, I ask that along with your bid you send a PM stating what hours are you free to do this article. If I accept your bid, I will send you an article around those times and if you accept you MUST send me a PM telling me so that I do not give the article to someone. Depending onyour turnaround time, I might send more than one article to you per day. In your bid please write “I’m ready” to show that you read this project. Bids without this will not be accepted.The pay is .002 X words count. If the article is 400 words, the pay rate will be $0.80 USD Please send your times according to the Pacific Standard Time (PTS) Each rewrite must not be more than 10 words less than the original article. At least one word outof every three words must be different. This article must also make sense grammatically.