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Ghostwriting – Grammar Tuesday’s 12th October 2010

by Amanda J Evans on October 12, 2010

Continuing with our special Tuesdays here on Ghostwriting Uncovered, I have another excellent article for you today. I hope you find it useful and packed full of great information.  Remember don’t forget to leave your comments.

Learn About ESL English Grammar
By []Kirk Able

If you are not a native English speaker, ESL English grammar might be the right choice for you. The same goes for people whose first language is not English.

There are some non-native English speakers who are very much proficient in both written and spoken English. Hence, ESL English grammar suits anyone who wants to improve on their grammar and speaking abilities. For those who are in the dark about ESL, it actually stands for English as a Second Language or simply ESL as an abbreviation.

In the United States of America, the education law makes it compulsory for schools to give ESL instruction for non-native English speakers. Special ESL programs have been established for young children at early childhood and elementary for this very purpose. There are also special programs for adults.

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Ghostwriting – Getting Everything Right

by Amanda J Evans on October 5, 2010

EzineArticles can be a very good source of information and today I wanted to repost an article that I found very interesting.

Why Is The Use Of Good Grammar Important?

By []Jack Osborne

Good grammar to one skilled in grammatical skills is smooth and easy communication. Bad grammar is similar to an off-key note to a trained musician.

Good Grammar is important in so many ways. When you speak or write, you have an opportunity to make an important first impression. It might be with someone you never will meet again so it may not matter. However, it might be with a possible future employer, a future spouse, someone who will secure your entrance to a college or give you a mortgage to buy a house. You may never know your audience, or what the outcome will be.

And did I say that a first impression doesn’t matter if you’ll never see the person again? Of course it matters! It matters to you, the speaker or writer. Being able to communicate with style and correct grammar often makes a better impression than physical appearance, references, or college degrees. Good grammatical skills should be a matter of pride. No one should be afraid to speak for fear that they will communicate poorly.

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Grammar Tips – When To Use Commas

by Amanda J Evans on September 30, 2009

Grammar Tips

Commas are the one thing that always confuses me.  Knowing exactly where to put them and where not to put them can be a little tricky.  Most comma situations are easy to use.  These include commas in numbers, after dates, and after geographical locations.  The tricky situations and errors arise out of the two main ways in which we use commas.  Today’s article will focus on these.

Commas Separate List Items

Commas are always used to separate items in a list.  These items can be real things, or places you go.  Below are some examples:

  • I need some bread, sugar, milk, and eggs from the shop today.
  • I have lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow in my handbag.
  • Yesterday I went to school, played soccer, went to the park, and then went home for my dinner.

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10 of the Best English Grammar Websites

by Amanda J Evans on September 23, 2009

Grammar Tips

For this week’s grammar tips I want to share with you 10 of the best English Grammar websites out there.  These websites all refer to UK English grammar so they might not be 100% correct for US readers.  Grammar has such a broad spectrum of lessons that you can learn and these ten different websites are sure to have everything you could possibly need.  There are some really great grammar quizzes that you can take too.  Just goes to show that you don’t have to take a writing class from an online school to learn this stuff.  Grammar quizzes are a great way of assessing where you need to brush up your skills.  I hope you find these 10 websites as useful as I have.

Grammar Quiz – This website is packed full of great grammar stuff and once you have finished reading everything you can test your skills with their huge selection of grammar quizzes.

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The Most Common Grammatical Errors Part 2

by Amanda J Evans on September 16, 2009

Grammar Tips

It’s Wednesday again and that means it is grammar time.  Today it’s part two of the most common grammatical errors and we will be looking at pronoun errors, apostrophe usage, verb agreement, and misplaced modifiers.

Pronoun Errors

Pronoun errors occur when the pronoun you are using does not agree in number with the noun to which you are referring to.  If the noun you are using is singular, the pronoun you use must be singular to.  If the noun you are using is plural, the pronoun must also be plural.

Here’s an example:

Incorrect:  Everybody must bring their own laptop.

Correct:  Everybody must bring their own laptops.
Correct:  Everybody must bring his or her own laptop.

Apostrophe Mistakes:

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The Most Common Grammatical Errors Part 1

by Amanda J Evans on September 9, 2009

Grammar TipsWelcome to the first post of the Grammar Wednesday feature here at The Hidden Writer.  I have chosen the five most common grammatical errors in the English language to use as a series of posts for the next five weeks.  If there is something in particular that you would like to see featured in future posts please don’t hesitate to ask.  The source for this post is

Once you understand the five most common errors you will be able to improve your writing and it will also make editing your own work easier.  So let’s start this week with number one in this series.

1.                  Run-on Sentence or Comma Splice

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