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I just came across an excellent website for writers today.  It was totally by pure chance and through a link in an email I was reading.  The email was the Daily Notes From The Universe that I receive and I’m sure many of you are family with these Tuts.  Anyway at the bottom of the email was a note that said.

Calling all creative writers, adventure seekers, and old souls….but mostly creative writers.  Tune in tomorrow, February 11th at 10.30 AM EST, to hear Mike’s free LIVE INTERVIEW with the founder of the IACCW (International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers).  Writing and manifesting tips will be the topic.

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Freelance Writer or Make A Quick Buck Writer?

by Amanda J Evans on July 30, 2009

This post was inspired by a comment from George Angus who you probably know is the owner over at  So George, this one is for you.

The internet has given rise to more and more freelance writing opportunities and the purpose of this post is to help you decide whether you really are a freelance writer or just one of those writers out to make a quick buck.  There are a number of questions that I want you to ask yourself and after that I will explain the answers.  Here goes:

1.      Are you passionate about writing?

2.      Are you constantly conjuring up ideas for new stories and articles?

3.      Do you see yourself still writing in 10, 20, even 50 (maybe a little excessive but you get the idea) years time?

4.      Do you spend most of your waking day thinking about writing?

5.      Can you imagine your life without writing?

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New Home Study Course For Copywriters

by Amanda J Evans on April 14, 2009

I have been meaning to tell everyone about this course for a while now but I have been ill and away from my computer and just remembered it today.  I’m glad I did too because the special offer on this course is only available until the 23rd April.  This home study course is one that I was hoping to do but unfortunately at this time I can’t.  I am not affiliated with it at all and just wanted to pass on the information in case anyone is interested in completing it.

The course is by Chris Marlow who is an excellent coach.  I get her e-mail newsletter which are always packed with great content and I have no doubt that this course will be amazing too and very worth while for anyone who is looking to branch out and specialize in their writing career this year.  I won’t go on by giving you details of what the sales page says, instead why not check it out for yourself and if anyone has already signed up for this course be sure to let me know what it’s like. Here’s the link,

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