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"Are you relying on paying clients for your monthly income?"

You could be making a HUGE mistake

Imagine for a moment if you will what would happen if your top paying clients suddenly stopped giving you work.  What would happen to your income?  How would you manage to pay your bills?

Additional Streams of Income for Writers

Subject: Addional Streams of Income for Writers Revealed!

From the desk of Amanda J Evans

Dear Fellow Writer,

If you are still relying on your client income alone for your monthly paycheck then you are making a big mistake.  Client work is not guaranteed and if you biggest client goes bust where will that leave you.  You need to be setting aside some time each day to ensure that you have additional streams of income each and every month.   "Can you spare 1 hour each day?", If so then I urge you o keep reading because I want to tell you how important additional streams of income are and how they can impact on your writing life.

As a writer you have something that most online people don't and that is the ability to create content, articles, and so much more.  You have the skills that online marketers and online business owners are looking for but in order for these people to know you exist you need to market yourself.  You main goal as a freelance writer should be to have people coming to you for work.  You should never have to go out searching for work not if you can market yourself effectively.  When people come to you they will pay your rates.

Most writers don't get to this stage because they spend all their time completing client work and searching for that next high paying client so that they can keep on top of their monthly bills.  You will have read time and time again about freelance writers making six figure incomes and whilst they do exist the majority of writers especially new writers are living month to month.  If they lose one of their clients they face the prospect of not being able to pay their mortgage or car payment.  This is the sad reality today but there is a solution.

The solution to this is ADDITIONAL STREAMS OF INCOME FOR WRITERS.  By having an additional $400 plus per month you can stop relying solely on your client income.  You can spend more time marketing yourself and the writing services that you offer.  You can network more, learn new skills, and really take the next step to securing your future as one of the six figure income writers.

It might sound impossible to you at the moment but believe me if you can spare even 20 minutes each day I can show you a proven method that can guarantee you an additional $200 plus per month.  This strategy is laid out step by step in Additional Streams of Income for Writers along with three other methods of earning additional income each month.

If I said I was prepared to show you exactly how I make in excess of $1,000 each month just by devoting 1 hour each day would you be interested in learning more?

Of course you would....

There are four greats methods that you can use right now to start making you some guaranteed addional income each month!

They are all clearly explained in Additional Streams of Income for Writers. 

I support this 100% and it is the reason I have been able to take time out to complete this e-book!

The truth is, with todays uncertain economy you just can't afford to rely on client work alone.  It's just not safe.  You need to get yourself out there.  You need to have clients come to you.  

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your highest paying client.  Pretty bad I suspect.  Now imagine for a moment what it would feel like to have potential clients contacting you on a daily basis willing to pay higher rates to have you work for them.  Feels much better doesn't it?

This can become a reality for you if you let me help you.

"Additional Streams of Income for Writers is a real eye opener!"

I just finished your ebook. I thought that I might take a quick peek and I ended up reading the whole thing! I am very impressed by your conversational tone. You managed to disperse actionable information in a digestible format that made the entire process of residual income
streams seem much less overwhelming than it does to so many writers. I especially liked that you gave you entire strategies, step-by-step, so that we too can benefit from additional revenue streams. Also, I am thrilled that you highlighted that these income streams can also lead to other income (such as getting hired for a copywriting or ghostwriting project).  Excellent choice of freelancers to interview. When I saw Jennifer Mattern's name, I knew that you had taken this topic very seriously and written an actionable income guide. I heartily recommend this book to freelance writers looking to create a manageable routine for additional income streams.

- Jessie Fitzgerald

It's the perfect solution for anyone relying on clients alone.  It's EASY, it DOESN'T take you all day and it DOESN'T cost you anything!


Thanks for letting me review your book.  As a relatively new freelance writer I spend all my time either doing client work or searching for new ones.  I couldn't believe how simple it would be for me to supplement my income.  I have used one of the methods in your book and have so far been able to increase my monthly income by $200 and this months is looking even better.  Best of all you were right, it does only take me 20 minutes per day.

Once I get my own website or blog up and running I will be looking at implementing the other methods of additional income.

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.  Now I really can work at getting that six figure income.

Sarah Green

You Can Earn $1,000+ Per Month With Just 1 Hour Per Day!

The best part about these additional streams of income for writers is that they also provide you with additional exposure too which means you could just get more clients as well as additional income.

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  • What some of the top freelance writers really think about additional streams of income

And much, much more, including ESSENTIALS like:

  • How to choose the right method for you
  • How to ensure the method works each and every month
  • Step by step instructions for these methods
  • How to stop Google penalising you for one of these methods
  • Where to find the best sources to implement these methods
  • Alexa's  $100,000 per month secret that you can copy

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